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Organic Peachy Lemon Fresh

Organic Peachy Lemon Fresh

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A refreshing blend of white tea, lemongrass, and peach. For iced tea, put in the refrigerator to cool after steeping for a richer flavor. Pour over ice and enjoy.

Price per ounce $4.99  (1 oz. brews approximately 8-10 cups)

  • Half pound - 8 oz.  (10% discount)
  • 1 Pound - 16 oz.     (20% discount)
  • 2 pounds - 32 oz.    (40% discount)

All of our Organic teas are USDA certified to be grown and processed without the use of pesticides, insecticides, bio-engineered genes or petroleum/sewage based fertilizers which creates a thriving environment for both tea bushes and their local wildlife.

White tea is associated with a host of health benefits. It is abundant in polyphenols, catechins and antioxidants. It also has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiaging properties and may prevent early wrinkles. One cup of white tea contains approximately twelve (12) times as many antioxidants as fresh orange juice. White tea also contains less caffeine than green tea so if caffeine tends to make you jittery, white tea may be the better choice.